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August 14, 2003

Plant Some WMDs, for Goodness Sakes!

I was predicting some months ago that the Bush administration would at least plant evidence of WMDs to save face after its lies to foment war, but I guess the political crassness and disregard for world opinion with which the D.C. branch of Halliburton operates has reached hubric proportions. They don't have enough respect for us to at least plant one or two fake WMDs to help ease our conscience. Instead, we're stuck knowing we're being slowly subsumed into an Orwellian groupthink of "Iraq=Al Quaeda, Saddam=Osama, War=Peace, 2+2=5" because the alternative, to admit our government is arrogantly lying, is unimaginable to most people and fracturing to our national psyche.

Posted by tat at August 14, 2003 12:09 AM

damn bryan, i sure miss your political wisdom here at the office...the only people here who would talk about politics w/ me are ...are....nobody. I was "O.K." with the war in the begining due to the fact that i thought that Saddam was a true threat. however as time passed, i have come to realize that us Americans,(in a world view) are bastards. Let it be known America, I do not agree with the death and destruction of innocents. I do not agree with the propaganda we feed ourselves. I do not agree with our leaders that the world is our garden, and we are free to pull the weeds when ever we feel. Damnit, worry bout the weeds in your own damn corn rows before you go weeding somebody elses tomato patch.

Posted by: jason at August 22, 2003 07:39 AM