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October 26, 2003

White Stripes Recommendation

I casually pay attention to what young people are listening to and occasionally will find a band that is truly impressive. White Stripes is one of those bands. I just d/l two of their albums, Elephant and their self-titled CD. Wow. These guys (or more accurately, this brother and sister) are raw and real. Bluesy, simple, and visceral, their music feels immediate and heart-felt like very few over-produced bands do today.

The only other band that's lit my fire this year has been Audioslave, a marriage of the Rage Against the Machine band with Soundgarden's lead singer, Chris Cornell. One of the best albums ever for me.

And, being a good rock-n-roll citizen, I'll purchase the CD to support the artists. Yes, I actually do if the music's good. Sadly, I can say this will be only the second CD I've purchased this year; there's just not much worth paying for, is there?

Posted by tat at October 26, 2003 09:25 AM

Hey BD,

Try these bands:

Modest mouse
Juliana Hatfield
Built to Spill
Yo La Tengo

Time to grow up and listen to more than just abba!


Posted by: Nicko at November 18, 2003 03:59 PM