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October 30, 2003

Low-Level Hiss

Iraq for me has officially become ambient noise. The daily reports of American deaths and suicide bombings has taken its place beside Palestinian-Israeli hostilities as just so much more crap to tolerate in the world and fodder for the evening news.

I've given myself over to despair and just hope that somehow, someday, we'll get to the end of this insane foreign policy charade.

I've accepted the fact that money--big, international money--is in charge, and my country is no longer pretending to live up to its ideals.

I've embraced my fellow man's propensity to choose ignorance over responsibility in voting for "leaders."

I've learned to find humor in our unilateral fracturing of world peace and unity and laugh at the idea that anyone but the U.S. can be right about something.

Come to me, ignorant bliss.

Posted by tat at October 30, 2003 11:51 AM

C'mon in, the waters fine...


Posted by: hareball at October 30, 2003 01:02 PM