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March 14, 2004

Home By Wednesday?

new_clothes_small.jpgAll kinds of news today. This morning, we disconnected Molly from all her monitoring equipment and fed her in a small adjoining lounge. It was incredible to simply have her free and unattached to her incubator. Her beauty and fragility are underscored when she's away from the ICU beeps and sterility. The nurse practitioner then gave us news that they were ready to wean her off the incubator and into a regular crib. Oh boy.

The nasal tube was removed, so we saw Molly's face for the first time without any devices/tubes/tape obstructing it. I think she looks like me, but then I'm biased. :)

Then, this afternoon, as I slept for five hours, Denise and her mother, Linda, got
news from Dr. Simpson that they wanted Denise to overnight with Molly Tuesday or Wednesday. That means Denise spends the night with Molly in a room that adjoins the ICU as a prelude for taking her home the next day. Holy Cow! Molly could be home by Wednesday if all goes well!

Get your hot, fresh pics here.

Posted by tat at March 14, 2004 08:11 PM

Molly was on an accelerated ICU graduation plan as her Father predicted!! And she is graduating HOME!! Superb progress in four weeks!! "Exceeding expectations"-may it be so always on her divinely favored Earth journey.

Posted by: Nana T at March 14, 2004 08:56 PM

That is FANTASTIC news!!! We are so happy and excited for you guys! This has to mean Molly will continue to be on the accelerated and gifted path for life! :)

Missed you guys this weekend (at the shower) but you were in our thoughts!

Deb & Nik Taranik

Posted by: Deb Taranik at March 15, 2004 07:53 AM

Woohoo. Go Molly, and BTW, you're cuter than a speckled pup.

Posted by: mary at March 15, 2004 07:17 PM

Wonderful news for you and Molly! I'm still thinking about you all and sending my best wishes every day!

Posted by: Gwenn at March 15, 2004 07:41 PM