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March 19, 2004

Things I've Learned So Far

Having Molly home for 48 hours has taught me the following:

1. That baby's ability to sleep is inversely proportional to your need for sleep.
2. That "poopy," "peepee," and "blanky" are actually medical terms.
3. Washing your hands 50 times a day makes your knuckles raw. Very raw.
4. My Dolby Digital 5.1 Home Entertainmnt System so lovingly assembled from hand-picked parts has no purpose in a baby's existence.
5. Cats instinctively compete for attention with babies.
6. Either develop negotiating skills or you'll change every diaper.
7. Cursing is not allowed, even in front of a four-week-old.

I'll have more lessons as I am taught them.

Posted by tat at March 19, 2004 12:31 PM

Watch out... You're setting youself up for 18+ years of "Things I've Learned So Far."

Posted by: ToddDrevers at March 19, 2004 03:00 PM

Bryan, you'll be a great dad......I can already tell by the things you've learned so far. Who says babies are helpless?

It is an education in and of itself....

Love yall,

Posted by: Aunt Susan at March 20, 2004 01:46 PM