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April 09, 2004

8 Weeks Old

blue_asleep_small.jpgTomorrow, Molly celerates her 8th week in the world. We've gotten quite used to our daughter and her whims, including her need to be held at 4 a.m. every morning. We are miles and miles away from the unspoken but understood fear for her health that haunted our stay in CookChildren's and now focus only on feeding and holding our child.

Her weight gain is steady, and she's now the owner of a full-fledged cry and is not afraid to use it. She's outgrown the premie clothes and is now wearing small newborn clothes and diapers, which means she's around six pounds at least. She's regularly eating around 60-70 ml of formula and sleeping peacefully most of the day.

Denise has taken her out in the stoller and in the car to run errands alone, which was a big step considering her size. Having her out in the world really underscores her fragility and tiny stature, making her seem that much more precious and precocious.

Easter pics in the bluebonnets are planned today or tomorrow!

Added pics

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