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May 03, 2004

Vaccinations Hurt!

holding_molly_asleep_small.jpgI got to take Molly to the doctor for her well-child visit today, which included her first vaccination shots. The good news is she weighs 8 lbs., 2.5 ozs. and measures 20 1/4". The doctor put her on regular formula and complimented her progress, although she's still on the small end of the scale, which is expected.

The bad news is Molly got her first set of vaccination shots. I *never* want to go through that again. She erupted in cries that ripped my heart apart at the same time it made me chuckle at its sheer energy. I think we could solve the nation's energy crisis if we could harness all that fury.

A photographer friend shot Denise and Molly. Kerrie Conover Photography does quality work, although of course the online images are low rez and unedited proofs. Pics

Posted by tat at May 3, 2004 07:22 PM

Great photos!!
Paps & Nana vote for the "Tired Beauty Model" & "Total Safety" photos as our favorite.
Thanks for the photo visiting today & the weekend!!!
We are proud of you Bryan Matthew!! You are a true Champion Dad!!

Posted by: Nana T at May 3, 2004 08:41 PM