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May 11, 2004

Oh Boy

Molly has found her voice 100% now. She seems to have three states of being: sleeping, staring cow-eyed at me or Mom, or crying bloody murder. I prefer the unbearably cute staring myself, but unfortunately that lasts about five minutes, immediately followed by a grimace and then the crying. Her feeding varies widely, and I think she's enjoying playing "I'm hungry, I'm not hungry" games with Denise and me. I swear I can see her smile while she's refusing the newly-warmed formula, only to drift serenely back to sleep in our arms, unfed.

She's pushes up and looks around often, and she enjoys going outside. Her mobiles hold her interest now, as does any window or light source she's close to. Denise said she spent several minutes focusing on various hanging toys on her playmat. I can see the mind developing swiftly.

Her face seems to change daily, getting longer and more distinct in its features. She's wearing nothing but newborn clothes, and her swaddling diapers are beginning to get a little small. She's probably around 8 1/2+ pounds now, but we can't be sure until we figure out how to weigh her accurately.

Posted by tat at May 11, 2004 10:10 PM