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June 24, 2004

Molly is Golden

blue_chair_small.jpgMolly paid a well-visit to Dr. Raine today and got top marks. She weighs 10 lbs., 12 1/2 ozs, and measures 23" from hair to toe. This puts her on the lower end of the size scale, but still within acceptable ranges. Dr. Raine said she was "golden" and that, if he didn't know she had been a premie, he would think her a normal term baby. The hardest part of the visit is the shots, with Molly getting three shots in her legs and heartily voicing her displeasure. But all is well now.

We're going to perform an ultrasound on her brain at six months and one year to insure no problems exist, but the doctor predicted a "healthy baby with no problems."

Of course, we already knew that. Anyone who can scream like Molly has to be healthy. :)

New pics

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