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December 17, 2005

Drunken Posting

The shortcut to enlightenment, at least temporarily, is alcohol. Harder drugs will show you more of what you want to know, but the everyday vacation for the working man is Dionysis. And I am under his beloved tutelage even now.

The magic is the altered perception. Everything becomes clear, or, at least, obvious. One can step back from the bullshit of life and live in the now, as Buddha instructed. Sure, it sacrifices rationality, but that's the point, right? The facade of civilization and its mores drops and the basics of sex, glutton, and self-destruction warms its butt in the driver's seat. Give me a cigarette and a good fart and life's meaning comes closer.

You will die. Accept that. You will never understand anything else, including love, other people, and pain. Accept that. Planes fly. Bullets hurt. Idiots succeed. Accept that.

I am alone. I can only be responsible for myself, but, being responsible, I am accountable for everyone else. I must respond, as best I can, to every need in the world. Accept that. Yes, that child in Eritria is yours, Accept that.

Nothing fails like prayer. Pick up the phone, dial any charity and give money. That will help people. You absolve your humanity by thinking that talking to, at best, a disinterested god, will do anything. Accept that.

Please the people around you. Cook something wonderful. Take out the trash unexpectedly, change the oil in your car, lick something sensitive. That affects the everyday. Accept that.

Think back to the first time you did it. Wasn't it wonderful? Strive for that feeling in everything you do. Fantasize. It's okay.

Relax. Your skin is the best it's going to get. Doesn't it feel good? Touch your friend. Doesn't he feel warm and solid? I thought so. My thighs are solid after twelve months of exercising. I touch myself, and it's good.

Love you.

Think about the trillions of cells that agglomerate into you. Think about the miracle that is the consciousness that absorbs these words. You are a miracle. Accept that. You are the universe, the stars understanding themselves, and nothing stands in the way of your taking a breath and dwelling on that for an eternity.

Love you.

Posted by tat at December 17, 2005 09:35 PM