Sometimes the circumstances are traumatic that force the hero to leave, as with Simba in The Lion King or Wallace in Braveheart, both of whom lose their fathers violently. With Luke in Star Wars and Arthur in the legends of King Arthur, the circumstances are more for protection than anything else. Either way, the hero must leave his home temporarily.

Simba's father is murdered by Scar...

Hero leaves his family or land and lives with others
...which leaves our little hero helpless and forces him to leave his kingdom. Have no fear, however, heroes always return to their land.

On the right is a small portion of a painting by Michelangelo in the Sistene Chapel. Michelangelo covered the walls and ceiling of this chapel with paintings depicting Biblical stories so people could see their heroes in action.

Moses also had to leave. Remember what he did that forced him out of Egypt? He slew an Egyptian slavemaster in anger. That's Moses with the sword at the bottom of the painting. He is also shown at the top of the painting, fleeing Egypt. Moses appears many times in the same painting because Michelangelo tells Moses' entire life story in one picture. He did this because at the time most people couldn't read and depended on images to understand their religion. Now, granted, he was a man when this happened, but he still was forced out of his "land". Michelangelo showed the story of a hero visually, just like modern-day movies show the hero in action. The hero has remained the same through time, even until today. Pretty neat, huh?

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