Heroes always seem to receive some sort of supernatural help, whether it be from a god, a wizard, or a spirit.

Luke in Star Wars gets help from Ben even after Ben is slain by Darth Vader. Here is Ben healing Luke after Luke has been attacked by the Sand People. Ben has many powers that make him a wizard-like character, similar to Merlin. Ben teaches Luke about the Force and later guides him from the spirit world.

Supernatural Help
Perhaps the most famous supernatural hero helper is Merlin, a wizard and counselor for King Arthur. Merlin is very powerful in sorcery and can even change shapes. His command of the supernatural world benefits Arthur both as a boy learning from Merlin and later as King.

Simba sees his father's spirit and also gets helps from Rafiki, a medicine man-type character. Rafiki is the supernatural force in The Lion King. He doesn't play as large a part as Merlin or Ben, but he does influence Simba and provide him with guidance.

This image by Michelangelo at the Sistine Chapel is of Moses first displaying the Ten Commandments, then destroying them after he sees the idol worship. Notice the person standing behind him in blue and yellow. That's an angel, representing Yahweh's supernatural help for Moses.

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