Comments: Molly at 81 Hours

First Post!! First Post!! First Post!!

Sorry man, had to do it!

Molly looks wonderful! You and Denise look great too! Words can't describe how happy we are for all three of you.

Our love to the Davis family and the new addition, with a toast for Molly's good health and long life!



Posted by hareball at February 17, 2004 10:44 PM

Dammit, I ALWAYS try for first post! Lucky bastard. :) (just teasin') :)

That is GREAT news!!! I'm sure you guys are absolutely ecstatic! I can't wait to meet her, hopefully this summer!

Our best to you guys and aaalllll of our love! :)

Deb T.

Posted by Deb Taranik at February 17, 2004 11:01 PM