Comments: Weight for Me

Bryan, your Dad & I are super proud for you!! Your 3-30 plan is a great achievement--keep up the dedication to shedding the pounds and improving your health!!!
We celebrate your 25 pound loss in two months.
The Weight Watchers program of points was used by an orthopedist at Christus St John Hospital and I witnessed the health gains and weight loss he was able to achieve.
We agree with you for your ultimate goal by December.

Posted by Nana T at March 6, 2005 04:09 PM

Congratulations, Bryan! I lost about 35 lbs on weight watchers when I was in vet school. Over the last couple of years I gained it back, but only because I love my own cooking and I got lazy. :)

I, too, began in January - again - and am down about 25 lbs as we speak. WWs is the easiest way to control your diet and I recommend it to anyone needing to lose weight. It truly does work if you stick to it.

We, too, invested in a treadmill. My god, we are all going through our midlife crises, no???? HA!

When you guys come out to visit, be sure to bring a baby backpack - we'll go hiking in some pretty areas and we know we'll all be able to do it because by then, we'll all be 40-50 lbs lighter. :)

We miss you guys.

Posted by Deb at March 7, 2005 03:41 AM

Way to go Bryan!!!! Yes, Molly needs you alive and well as a Daddy! (and not to mention the appeal of your new "self" to Denise). And yes, an emergency room doctor told us that losing weight improves everyTHING....if you get my drift.

You can do it!

Proud of you.....

Aunt Susan

Posted by Susan at March 8, 2005 06:38 PM