Comments: School's Out

We send a giant thank you for the last twenty months of teaching-2003-2004 x9 Months + 2004 summer school & 2004-2005 x9 months with new schedule. You are the winner for achieving such an enomous task, while caring for your first born-Molly Elizabeth-your "closely observing & listening" student. You are trusted by many-do your best at all times-making it a lifestyle.
Your "motivational gift of teaching" (Romans 12: 6-12) was evident while you were alongside your brother-Dirk Meyers for twenty-one years & now your speical treasured student -Molly-will benefit, from your many years of Life training.
You are equipped to teach-"walking the talking" in 2005-2006.
Education is a sacred rite. You are an "equipped vessel" through which the Creator's "invisible hands" guide & shape minds on a grand scale.
Celebrate the great positives in your life.
Thank you, son.

Posted by Nana T at June 7, 2005 10:38 AM


I listened to a "discipline" speaker Lufkin ISD sponsored (a couple of weeks ago), and he quoted something from one of his friends..... "As a teacher of children, you will plant the seed for a tree under which you will never sit."

Most careers have some viewable goal in sight. In most cases, we will never completely know the impact we have had (or not had) on our students. I think we must celebrate the immediate short-term successes of our students or find ourselves extremely frustrated human beings.

Posted by Aunt Susan at June 14, 2005 12:31 PM