Comments: Pedal Ponderings


You are right to distrust your fellow man. Though Robert rides rural routes, there are "those" who like to see how "close" they can get. To encourage you, you will eventually find 10 miles to be "a piece of cake"! (Robert rode 100 miles Saturday - He says it burns a lot of calories to pedal his big body around!)

Posted by Aunt Susan at September 15, 2005 08:57 PM

Bryan, also keep in mind that this applies to those of us who ride motorcycles, also - there certainly are people out there who like to open their doors at the most inopportune time, swerve to "scare" you, or just plain don't drive like a decent human - no signals, no warnings, just do what they want - which can be deadly for both cyclists and motorcyclists. It gives the term "defensive driving" a whole new meaning!

It is terrific that you are doing this! Nik and I are glad you guys are doing so well. We, too, have joined the land of the skinny and it is a great thing. :) Best of luck to you on the new cycle motivation! :)

Posted by Debbie Taranik at September 17, 2005 08:32 AM