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February 05, 2004

Saddam, We Hardly Knew Ye

Boy, Saddam sure disappeared quickly. After more than a decade of having this guy on my TV screen being portrayed as the Root of all Evil©, I expected a little more when "We Got Him."

After all he, more than anyone, should be able to help clear up some messy loose ends. For starters, he should be able to give a walking tour of all his WMD facilities, complete with running commentary on which U.S. company supplied the technology. To keep the public interested, we could turn it into a reality series, with Saddam showcasing his ten most dangerous programs and then America voting on their AT&T phones for the winner, which will then be used to execute him. Brilliant.

Heck, just for giggles, let's have a Saddam/Bush cage match, with the loser having to be honest for just one minute and confess everything he knows about WMDs, Al Quaeda, democracy, and the English language. On second thought, that might not be entertaining because, either way, you'd end up listening to the same thing, wouldn't you?

Posted by tat at February 5, 2004 03:52 PM