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May 27, 2005

School's Out

At the end of my first year of teaching, I braced myself for an anticipated emotional farewell to my students. I felt close to them after spending 125+ hours instructing them. I had given them a part of me and they in turn had taught me what it takes to teach. It was gonna be sad to see them go.

But, alas, when the final bell rang, they just walked out. Every class. No hugs, no cards, no final words of wisdom. It was just like every other day of the school year. I was feeling the enormity of the effort, the sacred rites of education, the sense of finality. All I got was teenage apathy.

But that's teaching all over again. If you don't have a strong sense of duty to society and young people, you won't last long. I know that what I do is worth something, has intrinsic meaning, in ways that are hard to quantify, much like I suspect a priest or psychiatrist must feel. Invisible hands guiding and shaping minds on a grand scale.

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May 26, 2005

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, as we're remembering our 1600+, let's remember their 100,000 (graphic).

After all, we're there to free them. Or whatever.

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May 18, 2005

George Galloway

It takes a British MP to speak the truth to power and offer a refreshing contrast to the gutless wonders who are the Democratic party "leaders."

Watch, listen, and learn.

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May 11, 2005

Brief Glimpses of Journalistic Honesty

I try to refrain from simply linking to the thoughts of others, but occasionally I read something so compelling and complete that it warrants posterity in my tiny corner of the internet.

Home from Iraq
Journalist urges Americans to search for truth, freedom

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May 06, 2005



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