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May 12, 2009

Teacher of the Year

I didn't want to go to some dang awards ceremony after school on a Monday, but Denise said she was getting "something" and didn't want to go alone. So I, dutiful husband that I am, agreed, complaining the whole way.

With several hundred family and students in attendance, the announcer leads off with the male Teacher of the Year for Lufkin High School: "He attended Stephen F. Austin, completing a Bachelor's in Science with a second major in English. He currently teaches English, and has taught AP classes for several years in Lufkin and Arlington ISD..." My heart jumps in my throat. OMG, that's me.

"Denise has pulled a fast one on me," I think as I walk toward the stage to accept my plaque and--the kicker--$1,000 check. Zing! Instant happiness. All is right with the world. Damn, this is a great job!

I canceled my "mental health" day, an elective day off I had scheduled earlier that day for the next day, as soon as I got home. It's bad form for the TOtY to play hooky the next day. :)

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