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May 11, 2006

Fight Film Flap

My high school made national news this week for being one location out of many for planned, filmed fights between teenagers. A DVD of the fights was compiled and sold as Agg Town Fights. Officials are displaying outrage--outrage!--at this offensive display of senseless violence.

Where could these kids have gotten the idea of staging and profiting off of violent, combative sports? Without a license!

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May 09, 2006

Springtime Molly pics

Oh my goodness. Has it really been an entire semester without Molly pics? Well, gorge yourself here.

We're gearing ourselves up for the double whammy of new baby (34 weeks right now) and moving to Lufkin. The true benefit of teaching is the time off in the summer, when you can actually make all this happen. Denise and I keep looking at each other and asking, "Can we handle another one?"

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May 01, 2006

Zoe Claire

"Violet" has become "Zoe," and she's well ahead of the curve at 6+ pounds, even at 33 weeks. The perinatalogist predicted a nine-pound baby if we go to term. Ouch.

We're past the point of worrying about a premature birth. A first premature birth is the best predictor for future premature births, so we've been relaxing after Zoe passed week 29, the point when Molly was born. Now we're worried about the opposite effect: letting the baby get too big, which is a nice problem to have after the drama of Molly's birth.

Another sonogram pic is here.

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