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June 27, 2006

Ubuntu 6.06 Suspend Problem Solved

I've been struggling to get suspend to ram to work on my Inspiron 600m after installing Ubuntu Linux 6.06, aka Dapper Drake. In its default installation state, Dapper would suspend, but wouldn't wake up properly. It appeared to me that the LCD light wasn't being turned on upon wakeup. I poked around the web and found this page.

The specific settings I changed were:

# Uncomment the next line to enable ACPI suspend to RAM

# Should we save and restore state using the VESA BIOS Extensions?

# Should we attempt to warm-boot the video hardware on resume?

# Should we switch the screen off with DPMS on suspend?

The nVidia part doesn't apply to me, since my laptop has a Radeon 9000 video card, but the suggested changes to /etc/default/acpi-control worked like a charm for me. The laptop suspends and recovers gracefully when the Suspend button is pressed or the lid is closed, just as I told it to do in Power Management.

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June 10, 2006

Summer of Love

The summer routine is setting in. You know: casual morning, lazy afternoon, late evening. Molly's personality has blossomed, probably in response to the "competition" of Zoe, whom Molly enjoys touching and kissing, especially when Zoe is lying in her pen, making her stir. She also takes possession of any toys intended for Zoe, including teddy bears, crib mirrors, and hats.

Zoe is an easy baby, especially since she's breastfeeding so readily. We're trying to set a routine for her feeding; otherwise, she seems to prefer staying latched 24/7. Feeding is definitely her purpose in life right now.

We're casually packing the house, aiming to be in Lufkin by the end of the month, but it's hard to find the energy while entertaining a two-year-old and hugging a newborn.

New pics.

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June 04, 2006

Zoe Trope

We've got girlfriend home, and everyone agrees Zoe is a much different experience than Molly's somber appearance. Zoe's big, voracious, and hardy. Her biggest demand of us is food; she seems to want to eat every hour. Mother is breastfeeding, which places a significant demand of her, but for health and financial reasons, it's worth it. Have you priced formula lately?

The most interesting aspect of a second child is the reaction that Molly is having to the inevitable shift in attention. She's being very sweet and loving to Zoe, but it's easy to see her ramping up her antics to gain attention, especially in front of visitors and family.

Zoe's size was a big shock to us and the OB doctor. The doctor commented that Zoe would be "ordering hamburgers next week" and that her forceps were barely large enough to clamp the umbilical cord, which looked as thick as three of my fingers when I cut it. Supposedly, Zoe came three weeks early, but I suspect she was a term baby.

Pics of the New One.

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June 01, 2006

Zoe Claire

Zoe's here! At 1 a.m., May 31st, after about six hours of labor, Denise gave birth to a beautiful 9 lb., 12 oz. girl with a head full of dark hair and strong cry. Zoe's size was completely unexpected, especially considering she was three weeks early, but, considering Molly's low birth weight, we're only averaging 6.5 lbs per baby. :)

I'll post more later, so suffice it to say we're exhausted but happy to have brought another little life into the world. Pics are on the way, too.

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