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February 29, 2004

Eyes Wide Open

Molly's getting food again. The cultures came back negative, so the antibiotics stopped and the feeding began again. They restart slow, at only 3cc, but it should quickly grow. The break allowed Denise to catch up to Molly's intake for a while, so some good came out of the stomach infection scare.

The last of her umbilical cord fell off today also, so she's got a cute belly button now. Her eyes were open much of our visits, and she controls them much better now, with very little of the earlier "doll eyes" effect. She even looks at our faces for several seconds, which of course is unbearably cute. We're holding her again, too.

She's known by all the nurses now for being a wiggle-worm and pulling out her tubes and contacts. She moves A LOT and grins mischievously while doing it.

On another note for the curious (I know I was), I got the bill today for Molly's plane ride from Lufkin to Fort Worth via Dallas Children's Hospital Transportation: $10,327. Thank goodness for insurance.

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