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December 09, 2004

November Report

November was a busy month. Molly has started to crawl(!), and two couples we know had their babies. I guess there's something in the water up here.

Speaking of which, the sheer volume of babies in this area had somehow escaped me until now. With Molly here, I guess I notice them more, like when you buy a car and see that same model a dozen times a day.

Molly's well-visit to the doctor showed her at 17 lbs., 27 in. Growing, growing, growing!

On a political note, I've read some interesting takes on what Democrats need to do that range from the logical to the angry to the really angry (severe language). The one redeeming factor for me is, if history teaches us anything, that hubris of the magnitude the Bush administration is exhibiting cannot last. Or maybe it's time to move to The United States of Canada.

Molly's got new pics

Posted by tat at December 9, 2004 04:23 PM