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August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin, Miracle Mother

Now, I of course am above any sort of rumor-mongering about politicians. That's what dailykos.com is for. Check out some thoughts about Sarah Palin's surprise pregnancy and premature delivery of "her" son.

I feel for her teenage daughter, who's gonna have all her private business paraded in front of the world when her mother is caught in a (very weak) lie. The WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING. What was she thinking?

On another note, how many Republican VP potentials had to say "Get away from me, you old fart" to McCain before he is forced to get Palin? Anybody with brains can see that the Republicans are offering up McCain as a sacrificial lamb in an election that they *don't want* to win. They desperately want out of the Iraq situation, but are too arrogant to admit their mistakes. They'd rather foist Iraq on the Democrats and go into attack mode when Barack wins and starts to do anything to get us out honorably. They'll start their revisionist history the minute election results are known, saying Bush's folly would work out given enough time. It'll be "cut and run, cut and run" in a drumbeat until Democrats look like the bad guys for trying to clean up the colossal mess that is Iraq (graphic link--story here).

Posted by tat at August 31, 2008 04:14 PM