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September 16, 2003

Your absence of tax dollars at work

Schools are always short of cash. Unfortunately, the schools feed on themselves to generate needed funds.

Case in point: my high school, like hundreds of others, has entered into contracts with candy and drink suppliers for a cut of the take of what students buy. So it's in the school's financial interest to give the kids every opportunity to buy, buy, buy. However, caffeine and sugar highs are not conducive for sustained focus and concentration for teenagers. Put enough sugar into teenagers, and they start bouncing off the walls; put enough sugar into enough ADD kids last period, and you'll have a mosh pit. After 30-45 minutes, however, the sugar high is gone and Morpheus escorts them into the Land of Dreams. Little learning is going on because the teacher is either trying to focus twitchy students or wake up snoozers.

So, instead of encouraging a diet that would better prepare them for learning, which would include proteins and complex carbohydrates, the schools are forced to provide a captive audience for Sugar Merchants at the long-term expense of learning, discipline, and, ultimately, an educated generation.

It's sad that we're willing to sell out our own children for the sake of lower taxes.

Posted by tat at September 16, 2003 08:29 PM

I could not agree with you any more TAT. My two children are ADHD just like I am. We watch what they eat and their sugar intake. But if we had more funding for the schools then they would not have to depend on the coke machines. But wait wasnít some of the lottery ticket sales suppose to go to the schools. And didnít our Governor Rick (the lets hold more meetings) Perry say that each time he called for a session say that we are spending 5 million bucks that was going to the schools, but instead it went to fill his fat pocket. But wait, If Rick (the lets spend more money for us and not for schools) Perry would not have called these sessions then the money would have went to the schools, RIGHTÖnot! Rick (the lets make the rich richer) Perry still would not have let that money go to the schools or the teachers. Arenít our kids worth the money? Donít you take pride in your kidís education, Iím sure you do like I do. Our kidís education to me is worth more than any thing. How are we to be sure that they can make it if we donít teach them the right things? And how can we teach them if we donít get good teachers for them (like Bryan is) yes Iím a little bias. I know other teachers out there that are good and some bad. What we need is to pay the teachers more money and give the schools more money. Hell my son canít bring books home from the school because they donít have enough to go around. Now thatís horse crap. And yes he is in the AISD school district.
So we need to get Rick (I want to spend more money you chumpís) Perry out of the office and get some one that will help our kids and the schools. Then maybe our kids can have a chance in the real world. Because right now all the schools do is just funnel them thought like a McDonaldís drive though window. And another thing the school board meetings are a joke. 1st you have to submit your question to them so they know what your talking about plus they have to approve it. Then if youíre lucky you can talk for 2 minís, but it still doesnít get answered. But wait you find out about the school board meeting like 2 weeks before itís going to happen which you then have to send in your question that day and it doesnít make it in time cause they need 2 weeks to look at it. Why cant they just take the questions off the floor, maybe they are afraid what will come up. In fact I know they are because they wont know how to answer it. OK sorry I got off on another subject but it all revolves around our KIDS. Which are the most important people here and their further. Also sorry for the long story but when it comes to my kids and the school it pushes my buttons.

Posted by: Jeff Hebert at September 17, 2003 10:40 AM