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November 20, 2003

Your Momma

fighting_icon.jpgYesterday, while grading papers in my room, I heard a vicious verbal exchange erupt in the hall, and I went to investigate.

I arrived to find our campus police officer cuffing a clearly unrepentant young lady, still flinging curses, who apparently had just been pulled off another female after straddling her and banging her head several times into the floor during a fight. That's exciting enough, but wait, there's more.

What made the episode particularly painful for me was the fact that her mother was right there, apparently ineffective at stopping her daughter from, animal-like, attacking another student. All she seemed to be concerned about was that the officer had handcuffed her precious. She, according to witnesses, had even taunted the girl her daughter then attacked.

If, in the presence of a police officer, two principals, and her mother, this young girl still assaulted another, what are we to do with this young woman? Think she's teachable? Employable? Rational? Human?

Posted by tat at November 20, 2003 06:23 PM

Yeah, and yet our wonderful idiot president wants to take away our rights to abortion.... yeah, let's let more of these inbreds breed more of themselves....

Posted by: Deb Taranik at November 20, 2003 07:19 PM

Well we should beat them mothers ass for not stoping it. then beat the fathers ass too. Lets fry the bitch!!!!!

Posted by: Jeff Hebert at November 21, 2003 01:26 PM

OK. You can turn any kid into a monster.
Sure, some of it's genetic, but a LOT of it is environmental and social.

Was this girl black or white? Just wondering. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times - children learn what they see. There is a gross lack of respect for human life in our society and part of the root of that evil is the idea that abortion is ok. We warehouse our elderly, we let our kids watch shows where brutal murders take place, we even let them play video games where the little guy dies and no big deal, you just get another one. What do you expect them to learn? Respect for one another? Really? How are they supposed to learn that?

Black people complain about being suppressed by the white man. Bullshit. As long as black men abuse their women and children physically, economically, psychologically, and verbally, they will continue to hold themselves back as a race. You cannot abuse your women and children - the building blocks of your society - and expect to have anything but crap to show for it.


Posted by: Ginger Kalafatis at January 7, 2004 02:32 PM

Well we all know my stance on abortion by now. It's bullshit that we blame society's evil on abortion - what, is all of Europe going to hell now because of it? I don't think so. What most people don't GET about the right to choose is that it is simply that: the RIGHT to choose. I love how people rant and rave about how abortion is the root of all evil, then they go on to mention the media, home life, Hollywood, our lack of care of our elderly, etc. They talk about how we "need" more religion - yeah, let's send more kids to the priests!! That'll teach 'em to be bad. Just like in the bible, let's go ahead and blame women for all of society's ills. Pure crap. The reason society sucks these days is because - and I do agree with you here - parents do a shitty job of raising their kids and I don't think a lot of them care. They DO learn what they see. They aren't pushed to do better, to go to college.... I think Bryan has a post about that, regarding the general apathy of students these days.

Take a 16 year old black girl who gets pregnant. It was an accident and it happens. Now take away her right to choose and force her to have that baby. She automatically becomes a welfare mom. School is out for her, and now she resents the society that didn't give her the choice of termination. In turn she doesn't push her kids and send them in the right direction. It's a vicious cycle!

I don't know what black people you hang around with, but the ones I know don't blame white man for suppressing them. I hear that argument all of the time but mostly I hear it from white people. Kinda strange, eh? As a matter of fact, I know more white-trash people than suppressed black people.

Ginger, we will have to agree to disagree as I think we are very different people! :)

Posted by: Deb Taranik at January 12, 2004 03:40 PM