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September 24, 2004

I Stand Amazed

I am both amazed and ashamed that polls show the Presidential race too close to call. Are my countrymen reading the same news I'm reading? Have they been paying attention the last four years?

If Bush were a Democrat, the country would have ridden him out on a rail, if not for the Enron and other corporate scandals, certainly for the economy, the budget deficits, censorship of scientific data, environmental subterfuge, or the bald-faced lies about WMDs, Saddam, or Osama. Not to mention the American blood spilled for--what was it again?--oh yeah, democracy in Iraq.

But it's a testimony to the power of the Republicans to distract and deflect all criticism that enough people are willing to try another four years with Bush. I usually can see the other side of a political argument, but I cannot fathom why more of my fellow citizens don't see Bush for what he is: megalomaniac, fascist, liar.

I predict the election results will surprise a lot of people. I've never felt the level of anger and vengefulness that I'm feeling coming from my fellow Progressives. 600,000 more people voted for Gore in 2000 when most people didn't care who won. This time, however, I think a lot of previously silent voices, angered into acting, will be heard and will definitively re-defeat Bush.

Posted by tat at September 24, 2004 10:26 AM


Your countrymen are scared. I can't say that I blame them. The administration of our (mis)leader has been waging psychological warfare against the populous of this nation for three straight years now. The soccer-moms are now "security-moms." Now, liberal equals unAmerican. We have gone from being proud, noble and compassionate to cowering, shrill and xenophobic. And for what? Democracy in Iraq? WMDs in the hands of terrorists? Oil?

Hopefully, you're correct. Hopefully, the "previously silent voices, angered into acting" will in fact be heard. If not, the next four years will be the most dangerous and destructive in this nation's history.

Back in August of 2000, as I left active duty in the Army, I made a prediction. I predicted that if history does, in fact repeat itself, then a Bush in the Oval Office would ultimately lead to a deficit and a war.

Damn. I wish I could have been wrong.


Posted by: Busta at September 28, 2004 03:08 PM

Imagine how handily Gore would have carried Florida if not for the massive ballot mistakes made by the population of senior citizens. Think they will make that mistake again? I doubt it. As for the national polls, I honestly don't believe that we're getting a fully accurate picture of where the voters stand or what the likely outcome is. When I take a poll or vote online in some insignificant website polling feature, I vote Nader. Nov. 2, I'll DEFINITELY be casting a ballot for John Kerry. Factor that in nationwide and the margin closes a bit. I believe that America will be sure to get it right this time, and the better man will prevail.

Posted by: Kent at October 2, 2004 12:30 AM