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November 29, 2003

Wherefore the Coach?

coaches_balls_icons.jpgThe world needs great leaders; it just doesn't need a lot of great leaders. It really needs bunches and bunches of little leaders with a strong sense of competitiveness and risk-taking. One modern expression of this type of leader is the coach.

These little leaders were the guys who, for thousands of years of primitive human existence, went exploring, raiding, and hunting for the benefit of the tribe. They took risks, faced enemies, and brought home the meat while helping evolution select for their personalities and genes. It wasn't a conscious decision on their part; they just did what instinct told them to do. But because of their drive to overcome and face danger, they are directly responsible for the success of our species.

Today, society's need for these types of leaders has lessened, but the expression of their job still exists: coaching, among others. The same ability to calculate, motivate, organize, and even sacrifice that made these guys invaluable in the Stone Age makes them admired in modern times. That's why we spend all day Saturday and Sunday watching the fruits of their labor: we instinctively understand the importance of Who They Are.

Kinda neat to think about, eh?

Posted by tat at November 29, 2003 01:00 PM

"Took risks, faced enemies and brought home the meat"? Sounds like our current President.

Took risks, faced enemies and brought home the oil!

You must be conflicted B.D. You spend a lot of your energy tearing down the aggression and individual achievment that makes this country great and yet you praise the people that instil that drive in our youth.

You didn't expect us to leave all that aggression on the field did you?

BTW I don't watch on Sat and Sun because I understand the importance of the coach. I watch because I love to watch desperate, aggressive, physical struggle. I love winners and those who give their all in persuit of victory. (The coach is a very important component of that)

Posted by: Trickhorn at January 11, 2004 02:42 AM