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December 11, 2004

Webcam Images

It's pretty amazing what technology produces when you set it in motion with no real purpose. Molly's webcam has been taking pictures of her (or, more accurately, her crib or playspace) every 15 minutes almost since the minute she arrived home. The total archive now stands around 25,000 pictures, mostly of nothing. But it's the candid moments the camera captures that delight, showing a little baby growing into a little girl.

I've added a backlog of images to her "Best Of Mollycam" section, roughly in time order, here.

Posted by tat at December 11, 2004 11:44 PM

It is great to see Molly @ 6:06 PM today. She is standing alone with the mailed toy!! Thanks Bryan for Mollycam. T.

Posted by: Nana T at January 4, 2005 07:39 PM