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November 23, 2006

Not Pregnant

We lost the pregnancy last weekend. I guess the best thing to say is that we weren't far enough along to be deeply emotionally invested in it, so the trauma is easier to deal with, but it's not easy. Denise wrote this:

I believe everything happens for a reason. When Bryan and I found out that we were pregnant just 5 months after having Zoe we were both numb with shock. But after getting over the initial jolt we both started to adjust our plans to make room for one more in our family. We began to look forward to meeting our last little creation. Listing possible names and telling friends of the surprise we had gotten quickly took over. Well, that all changed this weekend. We went from "We're having a baby :o" to "We're having a baby :)" to "We're not having a baby." The roller coaster ride is the hardest thing I think. I was happy with having just 2 and I would have been happy with 3. Bryan and I both know that miscarriages just don't happen on a whim of the body. They happen because something is not right with the pregnancy. We know this and accept it. We both feel fortunate that this happened so early though. I can only imagine how difficult this would have been if we had been farther along in the pregnancy. It is amazing the effect a life that never got started can have on you. Well, our journey on this little blue planet continues.

Posted by tat at November 23, 2006 09:38 AM

We are both sad to hear the news. We both send our love and positive thoughts your way. You are in our hearts on this holiday and we hope your whole family is doing well.

Love and peace,
Deb & Nik

Posted by: Deb & Nik at November 23, 2006 10:04 AM

Having lost one ourselves, Tasha and I both understand the pain you are going thru. You and the girls are in our thoughts.

Posted by: jason at November 28, 2006 10:34 AM

Hey Bryan and Denise...I just learned that another little one was on the way and then I heard the news about the miscarriage. I am sorry to hear about it, but God knows best. I hope you both are doing ok. I'll bet Molly and Zoe are really growing. Please come down to see us soon. We are doing okay. It's sad without Granny, but we are making it. Remember, I love all of you very much. Love, Aunt Brenda

Posted by: Aunt Brenda at November 28, 2006 11:46 AM

I'll never forget the shock when Dr. Singh said, "It's not a virus....it's a baby!" :0
But we already had a baby.....and a 2 year old!! That's right-- in the end we got
a 3 yr old, a 1 yr old AND a newborn!! (And a Nanny to come to the house to help me!!)
I overheard the Nursery Nurses LAUGHING at the fact that I already had a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old at home.
But guess who's laughing now as I bring my 9yr old, my 7yr old AND my 6 yr old to work with me everyday, as I teach at their campus??!!! (and have for the past two years!!)And who laughs when we go to Disney World each summer and they can ALL do the SAME activities TOGETHER because they are SO CLOSE IN AGE?
It's the best Family Planning we would NEVER have PLANNED!!! Having our daughter after two sons was incredible!!

I'm speaking from personal experience when I say, "Grieve and go on to getting another one on the ground!" (And I have experienced a miscarriage, too, so I know that will take time.)
You're already convinced that it would be o.k. ......and I'm here to say, "IT'S WAY BETTER THAN O.K.! It's GREAT!!"

Posted by: CKS at January 16, 2007 04:40 PM

You need to update your VITA. You've moved on from Arlington!

Posted by: CKS at January 16, 2007 04:42 PM

Okay.... I'm ready for a new entry! I come here to check on how the family is doing and on the newest ideas from the mind of Mr. Davis! I love y'all!

Posted by: Paula at March 5, 2007 11:04 AM