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February 26, 2004

A Bit of Concern

molly_yawning_small.jpgThe sonogram of Molly's head gives us some concern. She's had some bleeding in her brain's ventricles, which is a concern with premies. The incident was rated about halfway up the seriousness scale, and we'll know more in six days when another sonogram will tell us if the bleeding has stopped. A limited amount shouldn't be a problem, but a small amount of damage has probably occurred. Fortunately, what would amount to a small stroke to us is recoverable for newborns. The brain can rewire itself around damaged tissue and keep plugging, which is what Molly's needs to do now. Time will tell us more.

Her food was increased once again to 24cc, and her eyes are opened often now, and she seems to focus on our faces. Denise is holding her about three hours a day, and I get to hold her about an hour in the evening.

Three new pics added

Posted by tat at February 26, 2004 08:42 PM

Nana received a phone call from Aunt Flo (Florence Gerard Sparks) in North Carolina tonight!! She sends Molly Elizabeth-the "Texas Princess" her great love with many prayers of thanksgiving attached!! There is twelve inches of snow surrounding her home tonight!! My e-mail had informed her of Molly's birth. She hopes to be visiting the web site soon & view the "Texas Princess''" growth.
Thank YOU for caring for each other & Molly Elizabeth-Nana's LOVE!!

Posted by: Nana T at February 26, 2004 09:24 PM